18 Top Spots For Your Destination Engagement Photos (U.S. Locations)

You just got engaged! I am beyond excited for you and your partner to take on this amazing chapter in your lives. Your thoughts have probably turned to your engagement photos, but instead of just settling for a photoshoot in your backyard or around town, why not do some destination engagement photos? 

In this article, I want to talk about a few of my favorite locations in Oregon, California, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Montana! Let’s see what awaits you in these beautiful states so you can make your engagement photoshoot something special.

Top Spots For Your Destination Engagement Photos 


Oregon is a stunning state with a beautiful tranquil coastline and numerous national parks, lakes, and waterfalls that are perfect for destination engagement photos.

#1 – Sparks Lake

Sparks Lake is such a magical place! You’ll definitely want to camp in this spectacular area. The best times to get photos are the sunrise and sunset. The area becomes even more picturesque as the sunlight hits the lake with the mountains in the background. It’ll be a bit cold, but so worth it!

#2 – God’s Thumb

Lincoln City is home to God’s Thumb, and it’s an easy and enjoyable hike up the mountain with a killer view as the end result.

Destination Engagement Photos: Couple posing with their adorable dog at the beach, taken by McKenna Christine Photography

At the end of the hike, you find stunning rolling green hills and a view of the Oregon coastline, and it’s nothing short of amazing and simply perfect for destination engagement photos.

#3 – White River Falls State Park

White River Falls State Park is so many experiences all in one. It’s like you’re out in the middle of the desert, but then there’s this stunning waterfall, and it’s like an oasis in the sands. It is difficult to explain this truly unique location and the stunning views it has to offer. It’s truly an interesting Oregon destination!


California is such a massive state that it has so much to offer for destination engagement photos. They’ve got some of the most iconic parks in the country, and many other great places to go and take some stunning photos. Also, a great place to spend the weekend. So why not make these destination engagement photos part of a weekend getaway?

#1 – Baker Beach, San Francisco

In fairness, this is one of many options if you want your destination engagement photos to have the Golden Gate Bridge featured in the background. But, while sure there are many alternatives, there’s something serene about Barker Beach that just puts it above the rest. The sunset hours make for some incredible destination engagement photos. It’s also a great area to spend the weekend away!

#2 – Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park

I could talk about the entirety of Yosemite, but Glacier Point is what I really want to focus on. The views from Glacier Point are out of this world.

Mountains upon mountains stretching as far as the eye can see, it’s gorgeous! It’s absolutely breathtaking and so worth the trek up the mountain.

#3 – Half Moon Bay

While I recommend checking out all the beaches you can in California, like Malibu Beach or Monterey, Half Moon Bay deserves to be the top destination pick for a reason.

Couple wrapping their arms around each other during their engagement shoot at Half Moon Bay, captured by McKenna Christine Photography

This coastal spot is filled with hidden treasures and a tight-knit small-town community. Drop-dead gorgeous beaches, large rock formations, rolling hills – it’s all you could want without the thousands of tourists and locals hitting the beaches. 


This is one state where you can take some truly unique destination engagement photos. Arizona is home to a lot of great places that fall well outside the usual choice for an engagement photoshoot. While our choices aren’t all desert-based, they are only a few of the countless options available. 

#1 – Usery Mountain Park

Looking to get a bit western with your destination engagement photos? Why not head out to the Arizona desert and visit Usery Mountain Park?

18 Top Spots For Your Destination Engagement Photos: Couple sharing a kiss during their golden hour engagement shoot

You’ll find your fair share of cactus, sand, tumbleweeds, and mountains to make this a great photoshoot. Near Salt River (another incredible spot), Usury is an easy hike to some great vantage points where you’ll have some great photos to show the family back home!

#2 – Horseshoe Bend

An iconic spot in Arizona, Horseshoe Bend makes for incredibly dramatic engagement photos. Not far from Lake Powell, the lookout point here offers stunning views over the Colorado River as it carves its way through the dusty red landscape.

There are so many hikes, water sports, and outdoor adventures to take advantage of in this part of the world, too!

#3 – The Ashley Castle

Want to feel like royalty for a moment? The Ashley Castle is up to the task of making your engagement feel like a royal affair. This is because it’s such a beautiful building on a stunning property. The manicured gardens feature fountains, bright flowers, and well-kept shrubs and trees. The castle itself acts as a great spot for some iconic photos of you and your partner. 


Colorado is a peaceful state with some really unique locations for some destination engagement photos. The places I chose are some of my favorite in the state!

#1 – Eldorado Springs

This is a truly unique location because it’s filled with color. The hills are covered in flowers, streams, tall grass, large trees, and so much more to make some incredible memories and take great destination engagement photos. Plus, it’s only 25 miles outside of downtown Denver.

#2 – Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells essentially encapsulates the essence of the Rocky Mountain State. Great lakes and stunning mountains with a blend of colors unlike anything you’ve ever seen; it’s mesmerizing.

The area features 14 mountain peaks and isn’t far from Aspen. The rolling green hills will make you feel like you’re in a whole other realm where the outside world doesn’t exist. 

#3 – Lookout Mountain

Visiting Colorado for destination engagement photos? Why not overlook what feels like the entirety of Colorado while you’re there? Lookout Mountain is a trek, but it’s easy and enjoyable considering the surroundings. Then when you get to the top, you’ve got stunning views and great opportunities for some sensational photos.


Utah may not excite the casual reader, but there are some great places for destination engagement photos that make it a strong contender for your engagement photos. 

#1 – Little Sahara Sand Dunes

I love this area. It’s so different from some of the other areas I’ve chosen. It’s a 60,000-acre open desert that’s located in Juab County. Rolling sand dunes make it beautiful on its own, but every now and then, you come across a lone tree, making it an even better spot for some great photos. 

#2 – Deer Creek State Park

Between Provo and Heber City lies the incredible Deer Creek State Park. If you can plan it just right, you’ll be taking some engagement photos in a winter wonderland. The right time for this is January or February. This is when the reservoir freezes and the snowscape forms in the area, and it’s so beautiful. Frosty-tipped mountains in the background just make the cold worth it! 

#3 – Provo Canyon

Split between Mount Cascade and Mount Timpanogas, Provo Canyon is a great place to have your destination engagement photos taken.

Guy twirls his fiance on top of the mountain at Provo Canyon, taken by McKenna Christine Photography

Even if it isn’t the chosen location, you should still journey into this stunning area. You can enjoy the Bridalveil Falls, Big Spring Parks, and numerous other secret spots on the country road. 


Montana is what you need if you really want to have a peaceful weekend getaway and some destination engagement photos. This is a beautiful yet underappreciated state for sure!

18 Top Spots For Your Destination Engagement Photos: Couple smiling at each other as they hold hands in the middle of a field in Montana.

#1 – Blue Mountain

If ever there was a place that showcased how different Montana is from the rest of the United States, it would be Blue Mountain. This magical area feels like America and Europe intertwined to create an area so beautiful. We’re talking endless green, open fields, scattered trees, rolling hills, and mountains in the distance. What more could you need for destination engagement photos?

#2 – Logan’s Pass

Logan’s Pass is located in Glacier National Park, and while the whole park is worth your time, Logan’s Pass is one of the best parts. Mountains in the background at that perfect sunset hour make this a prime location for engagement photos. 

#3 – St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s is another Glacier National Park spot, but what’s different about this spot is that it provides a bit more distance between you and the mountains.

They’ll be in the background of your photos, but you will be there as a focal point surrounded by the area’s magic. You can enjoy the fields, the road, or various vantage points by the lakeside. You’ll feel on top of the world in more ways than one. 


Want to take your engagement photos to the next level? Let’s work together! My name’s Mckenna Christine, and I love working with newly engaged couples to bring their local or destination engagement photos to life! Check out my portfolio, and get in touch so we can make your wildest dreams come true.


Collage of photos of couple posing and sharing an embrace during their engagement session; image overlaid with text that reads 18 Top Spots For Your Destination Engagement Photos
Couple smiling and sharing an embrace during their engagement shoot with McKenna Christine Photography; image overlaid with text that reads 18 Top Spots For Your Destination Engagement Photos

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