Glacial Till Vineyard Wedding: Ultimate Planning Guide

Finding the perfect wedding venue can be a challenge. However, in some cases, the perfect venue is just there, ready and waiting for you to choose it. In Nebraska, we’ve got that with Glacial Till Vineyard. 

This stunning spot is the prime location for a wedding. We’re going to take a look at what it takes to have a Glacial Till Vineyard wedding in this ultimate planning guide. Let’s get started!

A Step-by-step Guide To Planning The Perfect Glacial Till Vineyard Wedding

Here’s what you’ll need to do when planning a Glacial Till Vineyard wedding.

Step 1: Choosing Glacial Till Vineyard for Your Wedding

It’s important to note that you don’t want to accidentally book the other venue offered by Glacial Till, which is the Cider House & Tasting Room. We’re specifically talking about the Vineyard. 

This is a new venue for the Glacial Till family. Located in Palmyra, Nebraska, it’s a stunning spot for a magical ceremony and reception. 

Bride and groom sharing a kiss in front of wedding venue at Glacial Till Vineyard

Here are some of the features available at Glacial Till Vineyard:

  • Accommodation (couples suite and guest rooms available) 
  • Wheelchair access
  • Set up and clean up
  • Choose from a list of preferred caterers 
  • Choose from a list of preferred entertainers
  • In-house alcohol service
  • Dressing room
  • Year-round availability 

Step 2: Planning The Day For Your Glacial Till Vineyard Wedding

When you’re planning your Glacial Till Vineyard wedding, there are so many things to consider. But, first, you’ve got to visit Glacial Till, see what you’re working with, and start planning and prepping. 

#1 – Guest List

Now that you know the venue and you’ve seen what it can hold, it’s time to start planning the guest list! You want to do this step with your partner to ensure that everyone you want at the wedding is invited. Start with the obvious friends and family, and then move on to people that might not be as obvious. 

Bride and groom share a kiss as they entourage cheers and poses beside them during their wedding shoot with McKenna Christine Photography

A great tip is to go through your Facebook friends to see if anyone’s name pops up that you might have forgotten. 

#2 – Floor Plan

Now that you’ve nailed down that guest list, it’s time to figure out where everyone’s going to sit. Start considering your options and what you’ll need from the venue to pull off the best seating plan possible. By now, you should have sent out invitations. So you’ll be able to start solidifying your vision.

View of Glacial Till Vineyard with white chairs and an aisle lined with flowers

This is also time to consider how you want your day to look. Where do you want to hold the ceremony? Cocktails? Dinner? How do you want the day to flow? You can talk all this through with the venue manager and your wedding planner. 

#3 – Theme

This should have been at least considered long before the guest list or floor plan, but you have to know what kind of theme you’re attempting. Is the wedding modern? Is it a fairytale theme? Is it bohemian? These questions matter because they determine a lot of things like decor, food choices, etc. 

#4 – Decor

Knowing your theme means you’re able to start getting decor for the special event. You want to ensure you’ve planned everything out and source it throughout the time between the decision and the big day.

Framed photo of bride and groom placed on a small easel with candles on wooden table at Glacial Till Vineyard

Step 3: Choose Your Vendors

Glacial Till Vineyard already has a preferred vendor list, which makes it super easy to choose the highest quality. Their preferred vendors are as follows:

  • Venue Restaurant & Lounge (Catering)  
  • Yes, Chef (Catering)
  • HyVee (Catering)
  • CheauChef (Catering)
  • Doorstep Diner (Catering)
  • Parker’s Smokehouse (Catering)
  • Pressed (Catering)
  • Spencelove (Live band)
  • Downtown Collective (Live band)
  • Joe Cruz (DJ service)
  • QuickPro (DJ service)

You’ve got a lot of wiggle room with other vendors. However, for food and entertainment-related needs, these are your options. Glacial Till Vineyard provides bar service. The bar has well-known brands and some of Glacial Till’s own wines and ciders. 

You’re going to want to consider finding a florist, wedding cake maker, hair and makeup team, photographer, and wedding coordinator. 

Why Plan a Glacial Till Vineyard Wedding?

There are so many reasons to choose a Glacial Till Vineyard wedding. Here are some of my top reasons:

Stunning Venue & Views

A Glacial Till Vineyard wedding takes place in a beautiful part of Nebraska. This spot is tranquil, picturesque, and peaceful. You and your guests will be treated to stunning panoramic views. The event hall has large windows allowing ample natural light to flow through. 

View of Glacial Till Vineyard in Nebraska from outside with clear skies overhead

Great Preferred Vendors

Having a venue with preferred vendors can be annoying. But Glacial Till’s preferred vendors are actually some of the best vendors in the state. So while it might not be exactly what you expected, there’s definitely a silver lining. Plus, it saves you the hassle of sifting through overwhelming options and presents you with the best!

Options For Inside or Outside

If you want your wedding inside or outside, you’ve got options. This venue has a main level with seating outside on a large patio. At the same time, the downstairs, known as the Barrel Room, offers additional seating. So in the event of bad weather, there are options for where you want to set everything up. 

Stunning Decor 

A Glacial Till Vineyard wedding is one that’s going to look amazing, thanks to the stunning decor. It’s already a classy venue, but everything they bring to the table immediately makes it better. Of course, their bar is probably the best part. It’s a stunning feature wall of bottles, fancy lights, and a brick bar that looks incredible with the wooden beams above. It all just ties the venue together.

Stunning look of bar at Glacial Till Vineyard with wall of bottles, fancy lights and brick bar


Nebraska has so many great venues to offer. I’ve discussed in my blog the most sought-after wedding venues in Omaha, Nebraska. However, Glacial Till Vineyard offers a unique experience for a young couple and their closest friends and family. A peaceful space on a stunning vineyard where everything’s a little brighter and quieter. So what are you waiting for? Book a visit to this venue today!

If you’re considering a Glacial Till Vineyard wedding, you need a photographer who can capture the moment perfectly. First, allow me to introduce myself; Heyooo! It’s McKenna! I’m so excited about your wedding and would love to be a part of the magic by capturing that magic so you never forget it. I’ve worked with countless couples making their weddings come to life in pictures. So, if you want to chat and meet, get in touch, and let’s make it happen! You can also check out my portfolio work to know what I’m all about.


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Newlywed sharing an embrace and smiling endearingly at each other; image overlaid with text that reads Glacial Till Vineyard Wedding Ultimate Planning Guide

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